The National  Service Scheme cell is a centrally funded cell  Under the sector of Ministry of youth Affairs and Sports, GOI and the cell  functions under its directives . The NSS cell of nagaland has a designated regional officerand a state liaison officer. The NSS CELLcarrires out activities  which help youth to develop leadership skills ,personality development and character of youth through social service .The NSS CELL  of Pranabananda Women’s  College  has been functioning in the college for more than 15years now. At present the NSS cell of the college has one unit consisting of 100 volunteers which is headed by the principal (Dr. Santosh Kumar-since 2021) and trained programme officer (Mrsullalaureen, dept of education-since2014) along with—Mr.RupamDasguptaAsst prof (dept of commerece),TemsenyalaAmlari, Asst prof-(dept of commerce), Mrseiboykhongsai,Asst prof. (dept of sociology) as members of the NSS cell .


The NSS functions with the motto:” NOT ME BUT YOU”

✓The main objective of the NSS is to instill the idea of social welfare in students and provide community services without bias.

✓Every volunteer works to ensure that who is the actual needy to get help for their living which promotes living standards.

✓ Student personality traits will be improved through community services.

✓ NSS volunteers should work by mingling with the community agents who represent the people

✓To find inherent talent in his/her knowledge through community services.

✓To develop creative and constructive social work action.

✓To promote or to serve in the weaker section of community.

Roles / Responsibilities:

➢ Students should enroll their name as an NSS volunteer in the college and enrollment is limited to 100 members (for one unit) in every academic year.

➢Requires active participation in all the activities and to work with/among people.

➢As much as possible  Proper dress coding with NSS badges during off  campus or on campus activity  is mandatory.

➢ Identify needs, problems and resources of the community along with program officer or local leaders.

➢To establish rapport with the people in the project area/adopted village for community developments.

➢Every volunteer should complete 60 hours of work and keep day-to-day record of work activities/experience in work dairy and submit to the group leader/program officer for periodic guidance.

➢All volunteers should work under the guidance of a group leader nominated by the program officer.

➢They shall make themselves worthy of the confidence and cooperation of the group/community leadership.

➢ They should  avoid entering into any controversial issues.


  • Strategic perspective plans need to be submitted by the cell along with estimated budget prior to the commencement of the academic year.. (Tentative dates to be included in the academic calendar of the college.)
  • Any NSS events will be planned in association with theprincipal, other committees/departmentsand volunteers.
  • The Coordinator of the committee shall conduct informal meetings at regular intervals to discuss and allocate tasks
  • The committee needs to prepare the annual budget/individual event budget, keeping in mind the various events to be held over the course of the academic year.
  • The committee would have to submit the bills and invoices for all expenditures involved to the accounts section.
  • The committee is responsible for communicating the report for uploading on college website or arranging for press release.