The physical infrastructure of the institution like Library, Classrooms, Canteen, Common Room etc. are made available for the girl students who are enrolled in our institution.

The students who enrolled to their desired courses and subjects are charged during the time of admission as recommended by the Governing Body (Constituted by the Head quarter of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Kolkata) of the institution. Separate ad-hoc budget is prepared and allotted under different heads for expenditure.

The college infrastructure and its facilities are mainly utilized by the students and faculty members and at the same time it is also made available for governmental and private institutions for conducting competitive examinations like Nagaland Public Service Commission, NET Examination, Banking Examination etc.

The maintenance and the daily routine cleaning of the campus and classrooms are done with the permanent staff of the college.

The Institution has sufficient number of computers with Internet and wi-fi connection. The students as well as the faculty members have the liberty to utilize these facilities as per the rules and regulations of the institution. The Office as well as the Library computers are provided LAN facility and are installed with appropriate software. The faculty members are provided with Laptops from the UGC funds as per teaching tools.

The ICT classrooms and our web-site are maintained and updated by our registered service provider and the simple repairs like plumbing, painting, wiring etc. are done by the skilled workers hired by the college. The expenditure for all these items are done from annual allotted budget approved the Governing Body.

A provision of the budget is also kept for library maintenance and for the procurement of new books by the college governing body. Separate funds are also kept aside for conducting Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other extra-curricular activities like Inter-College Sports, debates, quiz competition etc.

The income & expenditure of the college are being audited by a Registered farm of C.A. in every financial year.

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