Principal's Desk

Twenty-seven years have gone since Pranabananda Women’s College, the 1st Women’s College in Nagaland was established in 1991. Today, the college stands up with pride as it has moulded thousands of students to live up to its motto, “Lead us from darkness to light” and to become women of character, discipline and responsibility.

With a very humble beginning in 1991, the college, as we see it today is a beautiful campus with state-of-the art infrastructure and facilities, which is the fruit of endless efforts of generous benefactors and goodwill of numerous well-wishers. For an educational institution to reach its zenith, Twenty-one years is not a long enough period. Pranabananda Women’s College will continue to strive forward to build generations of young women of character, discipline and responsibility, who will make Nagaland an abode of peace, prosperity and progress. Indeed, Twenty-one years is a milestone to be cherished in the history of the college in its selfless service for providing quality education to the women of Nagaland. The college is now self-sustained with modern amenities for all-round development of the students, supported by a team of professional teaching -staff and non-teaching staff members.

With excellent faculty and good academic results, the number of students in the college has been steadily increasing year after year. The number of students enrolled in the current academic session is around 1500. The large number of students in spite of the college being a purely women’s college stands testimony to its performance and steady progress. Since its establishment in 1991, the college has been producing excellent results both at the higher secondary and degree examinations conducted by the Nagaland Board of Secondary Education and the Nagaland University , respectively. This excellent academic performance of the college stands testimony to the quality of teaching-learning process, the general learning environment, and the sense of discipline, commitment and dedication of its teaching and non-teaching staff members towards their duties and responsibilities.

Today, Pranabananda Women’s College is an identity and a name in itself which proudly stands as a symbol of dedication, hard work, and resultant victory. While remembering the vision of its founding members, I congratulate members of the governing body, teaching-staff and non-teaching staff of the past and present for their self-less sacrifices and efforts to make the college a renowned institution of higher education for women as it is now today. Long live Pranabananda Women’s College!

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