Code of Conduct

  1. 80% attendance must be secured by students in each semester. Defaulters may be debarred from appearing the end term semester examination.
  2. Leave applications from parents/guardians are to be submitted along with the medical certificates to the Principal/Vice-Principal to explain the absence of a student form class.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to meet any student during class hours without prior approval of the Principal/Vice-Principal.
  4. Students must attend their classes in prescribed uniform as specified by the college. Any alteration/modification of their prescribed uniforms will not be entertained.
  5. Cleanliness is desired from the students at all times and in all plans. Students may eat only in the college canteen premises. Littering inside the college compound and inside the classroom is strictly forbidden. Scribbling on blackboard, walls and desks is prohibited. Disciplinary actions may be taken against those students doing so.
  6. Smoking, chewing pan, tobacco, gutka, pan masala or consumption of drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the college campus.
  7. Ragging or any form of harassment towards the juniors is strictly prohibited.
  8. Cell phones are to be switched off during class hours and banned during examinations.
  9. Students must always carry their Identity Cards during college hours.
  10. Any threat whether implied or explicit directed against any faculty or staff members will lead to immediate expulsion from the college.
  11. Students must attend all their classes regularly. Bunking of classes in between will lead to disciplinary action.


The students will have to put on uniform prescribed by the College authorities i.e., Salwar-Kameez, having half sleeved pink kameez (Upper part) and white salwar (Lower part), with white Dupatta.
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